Women’s Health Services: How Pelvic Floor Rehab Can Help

Pelvic Floor Rehab

Traci Andreason, MSN, FNP-C

It can be extremely overwhelming to struggle with urinary issues and pain. One type of women’s health services that can help relieve some of the discomfort is pelvic floor rehab. This treatment can help you regain bladder control and improve your muscle tone and function in the affected area.

What Is Pelvic Floor Rehab?

Pelvic floor rehab is a type of therapy that focuses on physical exercises in various muscle groups in the pelvic region. This rehabilitation program focuses on strengthening and reinforcing the pelvic muscles to reduce incontinence, pain, and other common problems. This type of therapy can be done manually or via EMS (electro-magnetic stimulation) in a quick office visit with a women’s health specialist. This procedure involves a small probe that sits comfortably inside the vagina for 30 minutes while it delivers energy to the tissue to elicit flexing and relaxing of the pelvic floor.

The Benefits of These Women’s Health Services

It is a very big step in the right direction to seek women’s health services for problems that you may be experiencing in the pelvic region. Those who partake in pelvic floor rehab can benefit in several ways.

Strengthen Pelvic Muscles

One key benefit of pelvic floor rehabilitation is that it helps to strengthen the muscles in this area of the body. Muscle problems tend to be one of the leading causes of pain in this region. Strengthening the muscles and focusing on making improvements can help alleviate some of the pain symptoms that you experience.

Increase Coordination

Maintaining coordination in the pelvic region is important. Not only does pelvic floor rehab focus on strengthening the area, but it also helps to build coordination so the muscles can work together effectively.

Find Pain Relief and Relaxation

Pelvic floor rehabilitation can help you relax in this area of the body, providing overwhelming relief from any symptoms of pain and discomfort that you experience.

Reduce the Dependence on Medication

It is common to take medication to help alleviate pelvic pain. However, pelvic floor therapy works exceptionally well at helping you take control of your pain and discomfort. This can eliminate the need for medications while still enabling you to find comfort.

Address Urinary Issues

The use of pelvic floor therapy can help you overcome any urinary issues. This is especially helpful for individuals who struggle with urinary incontinence. Women find that they are able to run or jump without leaking urine, leading to an improved quality of life.

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