What’s The Difference Between PRP And PRF Treatments?

prp For decades, people have tried anything they can to help their skin. From serums to lotions and sometimes, the most desperate of us, have even tried ‘potions’. More often than not, the success of these treatments is up in the air with varying success. You probably already have a skin care routine down; but, even if it is effective and working now, how long will that be the case? When it comes to skin, the proteins that are integral to the structural integrity of our body’s largest organ tend to become more weak, almost exponentially, as we age. That’s why it can be important to aid their restoration as best we can. For years, one of the best ways to recover tissue was PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, which utilized your body’s own plasma to restore and increase collagen production, as well as aid in healing, to help keep aging at bay. More recently, platelet-rich fibrin has emerged. Just what is platelet-rich fibrin and what is the difference between PRP and PRF treatments?

The Similarities Between PRP and PRF

Both PRP and PRF are restorative treatments that are utilized to restore your body. From hair to skin, PRP and PRF have shown great efficacy at reversing signs of aging and have even been used to help undo the damage of injuries. Both treatments utilize your blood to collect the material that will be injected back into you at the target sites.

The Differences Between PRP and PRF

There are some technical differences between PRP and PRF concerning the way blood taken from you is treated. PRF, basically, has more “stuff” in it than PRP. This stuff being white blood cells and stem cells along with platelets, the same ones found in PRP. According to the research, PRF has more healing and restorative factors than PRP.

Wondering Which One Is Right For You? 

Both PRP treatments and PRF treatments have shown tremendous efficacy in helping a variety of issues. If you’re wondering which one to get, make sure to schedule a consultation with Rise Rejuvenation today! Give us a call at 801-707-2666!

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