Wellness Consultation

At Rise, we take a look at your total physical wellness. We start with a wellness consultation, where we review your health history, medications, supplements/vitamins and how you are feeling. After discussing, we will order a customized lab panel based on your particular needs.

Lab Review

At this appointment, we will review the blood work completed in your wellness appointment. We will look at your customized lab report results, review your goals and help develop a plan with medications, supplements and other needed treatments to help you reach your goals. If a referral to an outside provider is needed, that can be provided.


Q: Can you help someone who is diagnosed with complex medical conditions?

A: Yes, we are able to help navigate many complex medical conditions and will refer out for further evaluation, treatment and management as needed.

Q: What lab tests do you order?

A: Lab panels can include a thorough thyroid panel, hormone panel, adrenal function testing, vitamins and minerals, blood sugar and cholesterol, inflammatory markers, autoimmune markers and others.

Q: Is lab work covered under insurance?

A: We will provide a lab order with related diagnostic codes that insurance requires. When getting your labs drawn, please provide your insurance information to have the labs submitted to them.

Q: How is this different from an annual wellness exam?

A: Our approach is to look at the root cause of what is going on. Often, our lab panels can include upwards of 20 labs as we look at all of the organ systems and how they are working together in affecting your health.

Q: What are some common conditions that you help in diagnosing/treating?

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What Happens in a Consultation?

  1. Get to know us.

  2. Help us understand you and your goals.

  3. Learn about our services and specialties.

“Absolutely obsessed with Rise! Traci did my dysport and it settled perfectly, her technique is unmatched! Also her and Haley have this contagious energy, they are so fun to be around. The whole process is so thorough, you feel so taken care of and listened to! Go to them, I don’t trust anyone else with my face!”

– Toafia Jestice

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