Wellness Consultation for Weight Loss

Wellness begins with developing good habits, and so does weight loss. A weight loss journey can be a challenging one. No matter what stage you are at within your weight loss program, our highly experienced team of healthcare professionals at Rise Rejuvenation Center is here to help ensure you are confident and comfortable about executing daily habits that can lead to improved overall health. At the same time, you focus on physically transforming into your best self.

Our team is proud to offer wellness consultations to anyone interested in beginning or in the middle of their weight loss journey or those who need support maintaining their goal weight after completing a weight loss program.

What Is a Wellness Consultation?

Wellness is known as the act of developing healthy habits that can lead to improvements in your life. At Rise Rejuvenation Center, our wellness consultations focus on your health history, daily habits, health goals, and overall well-being. After you discuss these things with one of our healthcare professionals, a wellness plan can be developed based on your individual needs and goals.

A wellness plan may involve the following:

  • Identifying clear goals
  • Identifying what prevents you from reaching those goals
  • Brainstorming which habits will help you achieve these goals
  • Constructing a day-to-day action plan to encourage the development of habits
  • Finding a way to balance achieving these goals while also focusing on your weight loss program
  • Finding a way to balance achieving these goals while preserving your free time
  • Journaling or habit tracking
  • Developing the confidence to continue the habits after your plan or treatment is completed

How Can a Wellness Consultation Benefit Weight Loss?

Weight loss typically centers around the development of healthy habits. Whether that involves making healthy food choices or committing to exercising once a day, the most important part of weight loss is often consistency. Habitual consistency is needed in order for weight loss patients to see results when they lose weight. For people who may need support in developing or maintaining these daily habits, a customized wellness plan can be highly beneficial.

Our wellness consultations come personalized to each individual. For weight-loss patients, your wellness plan may focus on daily eating or cooking habits, daily workouts, rest periods, and other activities that can help you reach both your weight-loss and wellness goals.

Why Choose Rise Rejuvenation Center?

At Rise Rejuvenation Center, our goal is to empower and uplift our patients. From women’s health to weight loss to facial aesthetics, we are committed to providing high-quality care and support to patients while they are on their journey to becoming their best physical selves. Patients looking for dedicated healthcare professionals who can also provide customized guidance will benefit from our wellness consultations after they have a clearer picture of how attainable their goals can be.

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“Absolutely obsessed with Rise! Traci did my dysport and it settled perfectly, her technique is unmatched! Also her and Haley have this contagious energy, they are so fun to be around. The whole process is so thorough, you feel so taken care of and listened to! Go to them, I don’t trust anyone else with my face!”

– Toafia Jestice

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