The Importance of Postpartum Rehab

Postpartum Rehab

When you go through pregnancy and childbirth, countless things go through your mind. Having to take care of everything your new child needs and all of the other responsibilities you had before giving birth can seem overwhelming. It can be easy to forget about taking care of yourself. However, there are several benefits of vaginal rejuvenation during these changing times. Continue reading to learn more about Postpartum Rehab, and check out THIS PAGE to learn more about all of the women’s health treatments we offer!

What Do You Do in Postpartum Rehab?

During postpartum rehab, you will receive various types of therapies that target specific areas of your body. One type of therapy you will receive focuses on relaxing and contracting the pelvic floor. This is important as ignoring the changes could lead to further problems later on.

Additionally, you will receive some type of postural training to reteach your brain to be more aware of your posture and positioning. Postpartum rehab will also help you rebuild core strength and help with scar mobility.

The specific treatment plan that you will receive will be tailored based on your needs and particular circumstances.

Why Is Postpartum Rehab Important?

Postpartum rehab is important because it helps to address some of the changes that your body goes through during pregnancy, early on, and after giving birth. Waiting to address these changes can result in the development of long-term and chronic conditions, such as incontinence.

How Long Is Postpartum Rehab?

Depending on how your childbirth process went, you may be able to start postpartum rehab within 24-48 hours after giving birth. However, most women are able to comfortably start treatment around six weeks to eight weeks postpartum. This is particularly true in cases where women had to undergo c-sections or experienced tearing while giving birth. However, reaching out to our specialists can help to determine when is the right time to get started.

After you begin rehab, you can continue treatment between four weeks and eight weeks, depending on how many times per week you go.

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